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CBD vs THC: What are the effects, what are the differences? How to recognize each other? In this article we will try to illustrate the main effects and benefits of CBD by comparing it with THC, exploring the various possibilities offered by the two marijuana compounds. CBD is an acronym for “cannabidiol”, while  THC indicates […]

Cannabis phenomenon in the USA

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Cannabis in USA The phenomenon of cannabis in the USA (medical and recreational) is a phenomenon that has been gaining ground in recent years in an increasingly incisive way. More and more countries are beginning to think about forms of marijuana legalization. Even the medical community is beginning to show increasing interest in cannabis use […]


THE UN DECISION: WHAT WILL HAPPEN WITH CANNABIS   Medical cannabis, the UN approves after 60 years, the long-awaited recognition.  Cannabis lovers can finally rejoice after 60 years, the UN has decided to get rid of marijuana from the list of the foremost dangerous drugs, alongside heroin and cocaine. The WHO had proposed an entire […]

CBD sexual effects

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Consuming CBD has beneficial sexual effects. The beneficial properties of cannabidiol, a substance contained in legal hemp-based products, have been known for some time; but as far as the sexual sphere is concerned, the research carried out did not seem to say anything from a sexual point of view. Instead, yes: the sexual effects of […]


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The health technology company Cannalogue has applied for a clinical test , to be conducted with therapeutic cannabis to treat Corona virus. The news is extremely important, and will the appliance be accepted by Health Canada (the department of Canada liable for public health policies), Cannalogue will begin recruiting patients for the trial. The aim […]