Legalization of cannabis in Luxembourg

In August 2019 the Luxembourg Minister of Health, Etienne Schneider, announced the imminent launch of a proposal for the legalization of cannabis. Two years have (almost) passed, but there is talk of a possible delay in regulation in Luxembourg. In February 2020, the Luxembourg government began finalizing the draft law on the legalization of cannabis. This could really be the first legalization in this respect throughout Europe. When they published this draft the government stated that it did not want to clash with Europe on this point. Therefore that it had considered the development of negotiating tables for the following months. Thanks to that idea the position on the subject could be redefined. The following conditions were in the draft of the sale of cannabis.

“Cannabis tourism”

The low will allow selling to Luxembourg citizens aged at least 18 years a maximum of thirty grams per month. It would have been necessary for the purchase to reside within the country for at least six months. To avoid so named travel “cannabis tourism”. The production of cannabis would have been permitted only to two state-run producers and sold in only 14 outlets, at a state-defined price. Discouraged the production of cannabis with high levels of THC. The government plans to ban cannabis use in public places.  It will be also not possible to advertise cannabis.

Possible legalization in 2020?

The criteria set out in the draft of February last year are very stringent. Those are mostly aimed at discouraging a possible designation of Luxembourg as a tourist destination linked to cannabis use.

Croatia will be the 1st one?

In Croatia,  too, legalization seemed to be heading towards a happy conclusion in 2019. Mirela Holy a former environment minister had launched a proposal for the legalization of marijuana. That would make Croatia the first country to legalize cannabis use in Europe. In case, there will be a delay in regulation in Luxembourg. The  Minister had shown great preparation on the subject, bringing attention to the fact that cannabis would be useful not only for economic purposes and for the recovery of the economy, but also at the level of sustainable development (great ability to fertilize the soil by cannabis cultivation, among other things). The Minister also pointed out that the various kinds of prejudices and obstacles are around such a subject. As it has a connection with the interests of large groups and industries.

Legalization in the world

While Luxembourg, Croatia and even Germany are sending out positive signs of openness towards the possible imminent legalization of cannabis within their own countries, the debate on the possible legalization of cannabis continues to heat up in Italy. And there is still no agreement after a very long time.


Legalization in California has already been a reality since1996. In fact, the first state in the USA to see the legalization of cannabis recognized. Which has since 2018 become the largest market in the world for the plant. In the United States, cannabis use is legal in 31 states. 

At present, the Netherlands is the only country where the sale, consumption, possession and transport of marijuana is not subject to prison sentences. The coffee shops can sell cannabis without any obstacles. Among the countries where weed is legal is not, at the moment, Luxembourg; but the situation is clearly evolving in the direction of legalization unless it stumbles upon some delay in regulation in Luxembourg. Germany is also moving in that direction, which would allow productive energies and resources to be channelled into economic growth to be released and a large part of the market to be taken away from organized crime. It is indeed time for legalization.

What can mean by the legalization in Luxembourg?

In Luxembourg, the new law will serve in particular to protect the health of consumers. The substances being traded are of low quality and could be mixed with dangerous substances. The draft examined above prohibited the cultivation of the substance within the home. Also the consumption or sale to non-residents for at least six months. As we have seen in order to discourage foreign tourism for the sole purpose of buying the substance.

In Italy, the debate about the legalization of cannabis has long been open. However, this is a process to come, given also the fact that the radicals, with Marco Cappato, had launched a bill for the legalization of the substance. 218 Members have supported him and contain an absolute ban on the use of cannabis by minors. For adults, there is a limit on the use of marijuana “for recreational purposes”.  For the over-18s, residing in Italy, the so-called “Cannabis Social Club” would then come. This means associations of up to 50 members. And the rules will allow them to practice the cultivation of marijuana with the possibility of sale in special stores.

Raffaele Cantone the president of the National Anti-Corruption Authority, also enters the debate. He suggests that the legalized sale and consumption of the substance can help to distance young people from toxic environments such as those related to organized crime. According to the Radicals, the income from the sale of illegal marijuana to the Mafia would be “almost insignificant” (the greatest profits would come from hard drugs). And for this reason, the main benefit of it would be to save young people from the underworld environment. And prevent young people from “getting lost” because they want simply to consume cannabis for recreational purposes.

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