Consuming CBD has beneficial sexual effects.

The beneficial properties of cannabidiol, a substance contained in legal hemp-based products, have been known for some time; but as far as the sexual sphere is concerned, the research carried out did not seem to say anything from a sexual point of view.

Instead, yes: the sexual effects of CBD are there and would be, according to some, evident.

The cannabidiol contained in legal hemp products would help, promoting relaxation and improving sexual performance.

Let’s see how.

CBD sexual effects: reduction of inflammation

CBD would prove useful in the sexual sphere for other reasons as well.

By reducing inflammation, it would also stimulate the production of serotonin, which guarantees greater pleasure during orgasm, therefore more pleasant intercourse.

It is therefore possible to use CBD lubricants. If you opt for this type of lubricant, however, you need to use caution, in fact in this case the chances of the condom breaking are really high.

Usually, these types of lubricants are preferred by some women because they have no strong or noticeable odors.

Furthermore, for more intense and fulfilling sex life, it is possible to mix different varieties of different genetics, in order to obtain the desired result.

While CBD oil is perfect as a lubricant, the beneficial effects of CBD manifest themselves in a whole variety of other ways and products: hemp seed oil, CBD crystals and other products will help your sex life by relaxing it, increasing the concentration and the predisposition to get the maximum pleasure from what life offers you. The recommended dosage is the micro one (microdosing), the most suitable to best express the sexual effects of CBD.

In fact, below 2.5-5 mg, the maximum benefit per dose is obtained; the feeling of relaxation and the pleasure obtained are amplified, guaranteeing a new, very pleasant experience from a sexual point of view.

CBD as an alternative to expensive and harmful medicinal therapies

As we have seen, CBD has particularly important effects on sex life.

Problems in the sexual sphere are in fact more widespread than one might think, with 5% of forty-year-olds having erection problems and 18% of women having lubrication problems during intercourse.

Many turn to expensive therapies or medicines that risk doing more harm than anything else, especially because it seems that no adequate solution can be found to this type of problem.

It doesn’t have to be this way: cannabidiol here can be an innovative solution for those with sexual problems and tired of trying alternatives full of disadvantages.

A study conducted on some volunteers to test the beneficial effects of CBD showed that, for men who reported having taken the cannabinoid, sexual intercourse lasted about 30% longer; for women, on the other hand, 33% said they reached orgasm more quickly.

CBD would also be able to promote an increase in sexual desire (this is in favor of all those couples who, for example, have been together for a long time and therefore undergo a physiological decline in sexual desire).

Furthermore, as always, it must be remembered that cannabidiol has anxiolytic and relaxing effects, and this of course has a very positive effect on the sexual sphere, guaranteeing beneficial effects and better performance from all points of view.

The brain effects of CBD

The brain effects of CBD are still being studied and tested, however: it must be borne in mind that, despite most of the studies available to us show that CBD has a high safety profile, being highly tolerated by humans, the long-term side effects of this substance are still largely unknown, although, as mentioned, everything suggests, in the studies conducted so far in humans and animals, that these effects are only minor and for the most part positive .

CBD products available in online stores are safe and tested; if you want to improve your sex life in a natural and fun way, it is certainly possible (and in some cases even recommended) to turn to cannabis, which will give that exciting boost to your sex life.

The one you may have been looking for for some time. According to another study conducted, over 75% of respondents believe that their sex life has improved following the use / intake of cannabis. 75% of women even stated that it took less time than usual to reach orgasm.

Therefore, couple life and sexual relations seem to have found significant improvements thanks to the beneficial effects of CBD. Why not try?

These are beneficial effects reported by a sample of 1000 people, not excessively large but significant.

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